Reviews for "Psychic Arrow"

finally killed king and this was one of the best games ive tried in a while. i rly enjoyed this! =3

I don't know why some people don't like this game but i find tit really interesting. It has nice music, cool graphic and not bad story. The length of the game is not too long, and it makes me feel enjoyable. One more thing that i like is the feeling of trying again after each fail because the length of each try is long enough to gives me that feeling. I'm looking forward for a sequel with more upgrades and playmode. Good work!

Nice one bro, really short but loved it, I'll be looking forward for a sequel :)

Very good game, i like the upgrades, this is a nice game, is a nice fucking game ;D

Interesting at first, but it gets boring shortly after. After a while I was buying upgrades randomly just to find the "final boss" and beat it. It lacks better upgrades, new things as the game continues, not just the same boring upgrades and 2 pirates instead of one on the boat. Since there are lots of games like this one, if you want to make one you have to be innovative. It just feels "mindless farming money", that' s all.