Reviews for "Psychic Arrow"

I'm not too sure what kind of people have been playing this game, but I disagree with the majority. the graphics were not that great. The game play was slow. The concept was weak and overdone. The story... wait there is no real story. Overall this game is okay. I would not rate it 5/5 stars. I think that there is a lot of room for improvement.

UknownXL responds:

Hello and thanks for the review. I actually do agree with you (about the art) . The art is not my best work and was more of a test run at a new style (inspired by zelda wind waker) . Im not 100% pleased with it but I am glad for the most part everyone has enjoyed it.

And the kind of people playing this game are most likely teens to young adults. (the games target audience) Not 32 year old men (no offense). Its meant to be goofy, fun with a slight serious undertone. There is an actual story. I am not sure how you could miss it unless you skipped the cut scenes. Many people have said its one of the best aspects of the game.

Best game in a while, rivaling the best flight games ever. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough (I maxed money upgrades first). So, perhaps if you make a sequel, divide it into three zones equal to the first zone's length, and continue the upgrades to the point where it can fly that far.

Way too much grinding, upgrades are far too expensive. Overall just another upgrade launch game, though I like the premise.

Great game.

That was amazing! It was the perfect length, just difficult enough. The hardest part was getting the king properly, I kept overshooting him. Haha. 10/10!