Reviews for "Evangelion in a Nutshell"

A very good parody which is definetly not only for teens. Let it be for kids too.

Awesome! This is The End of Evangelion!

I almost spit cereal out my mouth at the end.

Good punch-line!

I liked it, but since I already saw the comic and heard/saw the voice over. I expected a bit more freedom in the animation. This had to do with the simplistic nature of the comic and heavy focus on the facial expression quality. A style that could hardly be beaten in an animation, unless the quality of the faces was done better.

Instead of doing it outside where the characters take 70% of the screen, you could have tried to do it in the engineering bay. You could also have let that girl, grab shinji by the shirt to emphasize the "I hate your guts" part. The dad could have spoken from the upper control center room, down on Shinji, symbolising the father / son distance. And then added to that scene you could have had rei rolled in a hospital cart.

Despite this being a good animation. The limited use of freedom compared to the original comic/dub, doesn't really add much compared to the original.

Hahaha awesome! also, Seth Rogen laugh

CardsNarg responds:

Haha, I love his voice.