Reviews for "Evangelion in a Nutshell"

Pretty much the equivalent of this one

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/artic les/view/comics/critical-miss/9846-Ne on-Genesis-Evangelion

and yeah - I totally have to agree with both. I fucking hate Shinji - though there#s a whole crapload of characters in animes that seem to behave that way (Nabari no Ou anyone?).
But seriously - what's wrong with living under the roof with...a random number of hot chicks >2 in exchange fpor food, a roof to live under and fighting with a giant robot? Sure - you experience the painb of getting your arm pulled of when the arm of the robot gets pulled of. here's two hints fucking idiot: pain supressants and martial arts. Not to mention your original arm is still there.
Sounds a better deal then any army job that actually puts yourself into the line of fire.

write a review? let her do it

best ending. never got into the show. Shinji really did all that in the show. couldn't take him seriously at all. Still great animation really funny

I definitely wtf'ed. I've actually seen the series twice and didn't get the joke. Either it wasn't funny, or the series is just so confusing that it went over my head. Only thing was that it didn't really seem like a lot of effort was put into it. It looked like something you just put together in an hour.

Yeah, that about sums it up. While the actual battles were great, the in-between drama just sucked. Love the voices, and the animation is good too. A quick and funny video: like.