Reviews for "Evangelion in a Nutshell"

I've only seen one episode of Evangelion, so I didn't completely get the jokes, but I know enough about the personalities to have enjoyed this. The weak main character did my head in. I loved this. It was short, snappy and funny! :) I loved the expressions too. The animation didn't need to be top quality for this to work. I thought it matched well, and the voice acting was great. :D

This EVA fan thought it was awesome!!! should've had Auska jump in and had her make shinji cry too ROFLMAO

'If he can't do it, Rei must do it.' *Rei cries* "Yes, let her do it.'
I fucking love her by the way. I wish some anime were real...

hahaha he made the girl do it

Ah, this is decent. Could be better, could be worse. Low quality animation, average quality audio, and far funnier jokes could have been implemented into this flash (making it at least 1-2 minutes long) would have made this perfect. Instead only one part of the show is focused on and it is the dumb annoying part that pops up in relative frequency, when there are without a doubt other parts of the show in equal or almost equal frequency of use that could have been implemented and/or used.

Still, I will recommend this flash to anyone who watches this show.