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Reviews for "Drawscape"

I can't write english, but it is not only because I denied to learn it properly, I am also flashed from the game.

I really like Platformer since 22 years, but this game here is unique. I never have played a Platformer where you can change or create that much ways. It has a good replay value due to creating your own levels/platforms, finding/hiding ways and collectibles and therefore also great potential in speedrunning. I really like the underwater game mechanics and lifting rocks in the different fluids. It is well thought out, even the enemies can help you to reach far far away places and not only in the way the tutorial or (bonus-)stages show.

A short paragraph to the level creation tool. It is extremely good. Many tools lack of some important stuff, like tutorials or materials. You need hours to understand it because of the cryptic design. It is not the case with this one. It is intuitive, self-explanatory, and even there is not that much to choose from "Draw(-s/-ings?)", you can create whole levels entirely different, thanks to the possibility to "draw" the map . Your level can be a kick in the ass like a IWBTG game or Kaizo style, or it can be a nice fluffy beautiful designed piece of art.

I am not a fan of furries, but I have to admit I really like the graphics in this game. Sound is also good. But there is something I dislike, the length of the game. It is to short !
The ending looks like there could be a sequel in the planning, I hope it will make it.^^

davidmaletz responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words! I'm currently not planning a sequel, but I'll definitely keep it in mind, maybe just an expansion with more levels?

I'm glad you're enjoying the level editor, it's pretty feature filled, and is the same level editor we used to make the in-game levels! Your level is pretty interesting, at first it seems impossible like Edge of the World, but with a little creativity it can be beat!

Really cool game :)))

WOW, this game is a true treat to play. So much room for the player to create ways past obstacles. The physics work true for both the real and imaginary world. I'd buy this game in a second.
BTW, you know it must be a good game for me to be so wrapped up in playing it that I'm not otherwise busy gwakking at the anime-looking Fox-girl ;-)

davidmaletz responds:

Thanks for the great comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game so much!

this isn't really my type of game but i enjoyed playing it
4/5 stars

very unique ...... i want to play just to figure it all out, but i think some work could be put into a true tutorial in the game i had no idea i could go in the "water" until it just happened. tutorial to explain what can happen it doesn't even have to force you it could just be more informative like the first level i completed three times before i figured out how to draw bridges and some of them would disappear and others would not what is up with that?

davidmaletz responds:

Thank you for your comments! The tutorial is there, just broken up throughout the levels. Even though the first level has water, you do not need to enter the water to beat the level (just to get all the coins). Level 6 (Sink or Swim) is the first real water level, and it explains water. But, if you want to explore and experiment and see what happens before the tutorial tells you, that's perfectly fine! You can figure out a lot on the first level through trial and error.

Both shapes will disappear if they are clicked on (to remove them), and they will break if too much force is applied to them. If you make a blue shape high up and let it fall, chances are it will break. Red shapes also disappear over time when force is applied to them, so if you stand on them, they will slowly fade, and if something heavy is on them, they will fade faster. Red shapes are explained in level 3.

Hopefully that helps you!