Reviews for "Link's Triumph"

That was quick, smooth and oh so awesomely animated. Bonus points for the audio. Well done!

Even though The Song of Storms is from Ocarina of Time, it would've been so badass if that was the song that played in the background while he was fighting the Aquamentis, it multiplies the badasseness of everything by like 10. But still, awesome animation I wish the actual battle in the game was this epic :D

A little bit anti-climating, I mean, at the end my reaction was "that's it?", still, really good animation and color.

You gave link character without giving him character!

Really awesome, I loved the animation and drama throughout, I wish it could have been longer. Hey, also, if you ever need an awesome voice actor, check out some of my clips! I'd love to throw in a villain voice or something if you ever need one. ;D