Reviews for "Link's Triumph"

Ohhh yeah, I remember that dragon!
Seriously loved the animation style, very well done!
5/5 Both!

this was the first boss in zelda ever it's name is AQUAMENTUS. Appearing for the nes in Adventures of Link in the first level and the seventh level on the first quest. then twice more in different levels in the second quest (quest i mean playthroughs) ah the memories... if only the game was remade to today's graphical standards and not in top down view. i wonder if you are doing through all the boss battles in this game? it would be interesting to see you animate MANHANDLA and DIGDOGGER if ya want to take it easy but if not there is GLEEOK and GOMHA... keep up the good work and i hope to see more from you soon!

Good animation, fun battle to watch, and good "dialogue". But, I will say this: I can't say that that's not the first boss in Zelda ever, but it does look like the first boss in Oracle of Season. Even the same way to beat him Bomb his horn, basically. Just no fire. It's only three rings shot out of his horn.

love the movie, hate the loading style. Youtube does that load as you watch garbage. Newgrounds movies used to get the loading out of the way first. I don't know why that's changed.

Shamoozal responds:

Most videos on Newgrounds use Flash. We usually export SWF files and that is what gets uploaded to NG. However some of us have been doing post production work on our cartoons outside of Flash using stuff like After Effects to polish them up a bit. As a result, we can't upload SWFs anymore and need to make use of video files.

who needs metal, i kill dragons with a stick!