Reviews for "Link's Triumph"

This was a really gorgeous cartoon! It's weird, because I thought it was going to be a comedy. I guess it's just because Link looked so cartoonish and I'm not talking about Toon Link. Still, it really is a great cartoon. The animation with the blue dragon is just wonderful. It's great to hear that music.

I guess this was the last great cartoon of 2012. It worked well for how short it was. I guess I had no idea what was going on. We need serious cartoons of course. Boy, are those bombs cool.

Cute. Looks just like him too. Should've been a bit longer, but I liked it anyway!

Truely wonderful.

Oh my goodness this is beyond fantastic, such a lovely, smooth and detailed animation! 5 Stars, good show dude.

Good job, I thought it was very well done, great to look at, and very action packed and badass. But I would make the next one a little bit longer, as I thought this was rather short. But good job.