Reviews for "Link's Triumph"

I really liked this, it was short and sweet.

The animation was very fluid and the artwork was very clean and pleasant to look at.

But what I really liked was how you made Link act throughout this video. I haven't seen Link being given this kind of character type alot, if at all.

He was nervous, but still courageous enough to face his enemy, while being a bit clumsy during the fight (shield on fire, accidently litting his bomb, .. ) all while staying true to his character but not having any dialogue.

This accompanied with the music, it overall came accros as a very enjoyable and quality cartoon. I honestly could see this working as an official short Zelda cartoon on television, or something along those lines.

Fantastic work!

I'd imagine that if you wanted to make your own episodic saga, using an original Zelda story and this animation style, it would get pretty good reviews.

wow that was awesome i guess that perfectly shows what link has to go through in his quests !!!

thats great dude , GOOD JOB !

This was perfect. Especially that last laugh from Link in the end.