Reviews for "Sift Renegade 3"

This game is made well. Alot of attention to detail here, which makes for a pretty solid game. Real awesome stuff dude.

Game is cool! Storyline is great but gameplay is repetitive.
Graphics are good, the controls are fine.
People says the game its laggy, but it doesn't lag for me.
Keep it up Pyrozen/PopBrain! You guys make cool games!!


fun but so laggy

This game was great! I like the gameplay and story. Like the other dude said,it does get repetitive.
But everything else was great.


@Kofra If all their games are shitty,don't play them. The art isn't soso,they made it this way because its the STYLE of the art. Don't like the gameplay? Well thats just you. The gameplay is good for me. Don't give it a zero because its not your type of game. Give details at least why you hate it.

I don't know why, but, every gamesfree/pyrozen game is shitty. The art is soso, but the GAME... man, what a disaster. I pray to newgrounds put negative stars in the reviews, because zero isn't enough for this crap.