Reviews for "Sift Renegade 3"

This such a great series!

wow this game is coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!

Please man...add medals

this sucks I tried about 10 times,trying to get yuuma's blade but end up nothing come out. It made my computer lag

Nope no never terrible not very good horrible bad bad so very bad. The controls are solid but that is about it. I hate the press this button to progress moments it utterly destroys the flow of the game. The animation oh don't even start me on that one. It is not that good it is kinda terrible. It is so terrible that it looks like it was made by a brain dead child without limbs. And the game runs very slow. And no my computer is up too date. I can sun any game that has been released this year on the highest stetting then why is this running so slowly. Bad code that is why. The combat is the most important part but you failed on that as well. the combat is utter utter ass. ASS! i tell you. How this came at 5th place i have no idea. I guess the drones ehh i mean fans of Pyrozen are a lot like the drones ehh again fans of EA. Brain dead morons who will love everything they put out. no matter how much the game suck. Warfighter is a good example.