Reviews for "Sift Renegade 3"

I think this is one of your best games ever! There are so many of these games, it's hard to tell them apart. What I found weird was how I managed to perform these color moves and I wasn't even pressing different buttons! That is, of course, probably the coolest thing about this. It's even hard to tell who is your ally. Luckily, you can't hurt your ally.

I really am in fact getting into these characters more. The cutscenes aren't that bad. I think it's really cool how you keep that intro where you cause the intro yourself. The animation is as great as ever. It's great to just press buttons and let the game play itself.

best game of all time.well the sift series is at least. 5 stars

Shouldn't be one of those button mashers, it just makes the game suck

Well It's a button masher with good graphics.
I think you should have made the fights a little more complex, I don't even see another valid strategy other than close up with my enemies and spam x till their dead.

Also, why ripp off music from shogun 2?

not bad but there a few bug that could be fixed