Reviews for "Sift Renegade 3"

Awesome gameplay and story! Love the upgrades and the fact that you can have a companion. Great and comfy controls and achievements FTW! Great missions and never gets old for me!

First off I don't know if this is original with all the advertersmernts but I'll assume it is. This game was better than normal but I felt the combat wasn't fluid enough. I thought the music, the stylization, the art, fighting moves, and story was very nice but The combat is the most important part of this game and sometimes it can be clunky so even if it made the game seem too easy I'd say make the kills quicker and therefore more satisfying.

please keep up the good work I realy like shift heads pls make onother one :D

Clean solid game

Love the game great game, just noticed you could do the first level again and again to unlock all the levels.