Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

ok. I forgot I was doing a review and was just playing this for like 3 hrs. I'd be a heavy faggot if I didn't 5 star this.

Good Games...!
I Have Something All Stuff...!
But I Need More To Forge...!
Level MAX + Forgeron Level 23 !
Pow Max : 1000
Thats Good Games :D I Rate It 4/5

Very good game, and here are how to answer the riddles:
Dress geek up as princess and hit him as VP
2 hellraisers+2 meteor strikes consecutively
hit him on the way back
open credits, click signs until they break

has anyone played berzurk ball 1 and still hasent goten ammo for the shat i mean shot gun

Wow! This game is definetly an exciting game! Yes, there is some tossing problems but other than that it is amazing.Keep up the good work!