Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

The game itself is great fun. Little repititious and can become a grindfest, but not too bad. Save for one glareing error. Info doesn't save. If the window gets closed, have to restart from scratch. I'm guessing this is a bug and not supposed to happen. Bt it does, and is deeply sucking the fn from replay.

Dang it!!!!Not compatible with my phone
NOTE:my phone is SAMSUNG Galaxy Young but still a great game : )

Thank you for taking Air Bezerk You may be launched into squids and mutants but we hope you have a nice flight to PAINSVILLE!!!!

who else agrees this is one of the best sequels to a game on newgrounds?

I already loved the first part of this game, but this one.. is.. just... AWESOME! I mean, it is more, it looks better, it does everything right. PLUS: I can smash Cloud :D Epic..

just downloaded it on my phone :D nice work