Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

finally, i got all the medals

I have been playing this game since New Years In-fact I missed the countdown thanks to this game right here and i'm still playing this game right about now as far as I got was Ice Catastrophe.

You have to be

A jerk
not very good at the game
A moron

To not have given this game a five or a very fair rating I'm not just saying this because I really love the game I'm saying this because this was an extremely challenging fun to play game. I have had one of the best gambling experience since My first GameBoy. Even do some things in the shop are overpriced(wink*wink) I just had Fun playing this game.

This game is amazing! I played it for like three hours last night and I didn't even realize I played for one.

i really like it, however it appears to have too many monsters that end your throw, also can the screen be a bit stretched out, it's really well made though awesome,good job!

Great game)))) Like any BS game))) 5/5