Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

Why did they leave the fire going through the middle of the night? :I

chluaid responds:

We'll never know, now that they're all dead

You're alive! Thank Odin!

Neat little flash, obviously superb animation coming from you. Sound effects were really neat, and brutal. Proper sounded bad when Santa stacked it and then smashed through the windows.

Funny voice acting, what little there was.

Actually pretty dark side, don't know what I thought about the ending, with the fire outside the door, haha! Brutal.

Again, great to see you're alive.

chluaid responds:

haha thanks man. Yeah My original idea was to have thick smoke pouring in from under the door, but yeah, that's a bit -too- dark :P

So i hope this means your making a comeback to the flash world. Great animation by the way but your best still love it.

chluaid responds:

I rarely use Flash nowadays but plan on doing 2D animation (whatever the software) for the rest of my life.

Repost of a previous christmas, but still good :D

Great Graphics for a flash Movie, I like how you animate the santa's actions and draw the kid's eye. This time Santa don't just give coal to bad kids, he burn them too. :D