Reviews for "Fiery Christmas"

loved the animation and twas jokes

Fantastic as always, does this mean you'll be posting videos here again? Because it would be awesome to see more Bitey animations. I'm also patiently awaiting Dashkin, I hope all is going well with that.

chluaid responds:

All of my personal animation projects will make it to Newgrounds, so every time you see something from me here, it's because I've found the time to squeeze one of my own out :D

Semi-regular Dashkin progress updates on my site.

4.5 for been too short
but u draw so amazing ! !
*sorry for bad english ><*

chluaid responds:

4.5 is a good score, so I hereby declare that your english is fine.

Yay, posted on reddit.

chluaid responds:

woo! Thanks

Great animation, as usual, but it wasn`t that funny