Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

I didn't know about this series but, wow, after this, I watched all the previous episodes. Nice graphics and amazing plot.....you could just work a little more on backgrounds, but my vote doesn't change, 5 stars out of 5. What really shocked me were the characters....I really liked how you made them: costume, behaviour....everything makes them truly unique. Not to mention the voice actors...wow congratulations to all, but one in particular was really impressive....no words Martin, you're sinply perfect in the role of Nylocke. Keep it up, guys, I look forward too see the next episode.

episode was a perfect mix between lighthearted transtition plot filler and serious fighting with plot movement. great timing to introduce a rival character to alpha as well as bring up the issue of the "forbidden beast". Great job all around and you never disappoint.

Great series

will there be another episode at the end of the month?

the cat!! the freaking cat (or whatever that little curious animal is) is with d-buggers.org!!! it's the pet!! or at least...i think.....that's my opinion! great job!