Reviews for "Election Ejection 2012"

Best game ever.

lol nice game, but the accivements arent specific to newgrounds. i thought i would get newgrounds points. verry unslooth...
other then that, its awsome.

This game was very fun. I like it!

lol this is the best

Very well put together, and an addicting game. Politics aside, this makes you think of all the mud that is actually slung in the real presidential election. The best part about this game is that it is completely unbiased, meaning that you can pick either presidential runner or their VP to be. What even further impressed me was the fact that if you DO have a preference, you don't have to 'maul' both candidates to get all the achievements. Well done sir! You managed to make a statement and offend both sides of the political party while making them laugh at the other at the same time without giving hardly any specifics in a comedic manner. While it will only make sense during these times before the election, I think this game would make a nice addition to the library, if only for a year.