Reviews for "Election Ejection 2012"

I really enjoyed this game, it looks nice and a lot of the game play elements require timing and reaction timing which make it stand out from the other launch games for being more then just click and watch games.
However I've already given this game a five already because this is an exact copy of your Justin Bieber Ejection game (or I really hope that was your game) so I'm going to only give you a 2 out of 5 for upgrading the quality of the game, but this is no more then an update, I wouldn't even consider this a expansion.

The way you programmed throwing eggs is less than adequate. Not only are they difficult to land, but they override the standard fist, so if the candidate is too low to the ground, there's no way to bounce him back up again. Perhaps if landing a couple of egg shots made a difference in general, that would be passable, but the lobbyist makes a far bigger impact. Since lobbing the eggs is required from time to time, that makes that aspect a survivalist chore. A major weakness on an otherwise amusing satirical (sort of) game.

Lol Obama Fatality. Fun game.

5 just for the suikoden 1 cup game music lol.

Dude has way too much HP.