Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"

next game can can things that are found be removed or highlighted on map
so i can narrow dow my sreach as i go?

Let's get the criticism out of the way first: It was an okay Halloween themed game. The zombified Waldo was a neat touch. What killed the game for me was having that 8-bit message pop-up and get in the way of my Skeleton hand. (Read as: instant minus one star.) The other star came off cause the music almost put me to sleep while playing.

Now the good news: I like how you tediously worked the whole picture into a horror-full "Where's Waldo." You definitely got most of the big names in there and I commend you for that. This is definitely a good game if you've already played through the other popular Halloween games and you still want more.

Suggestions: Put in music that's got more of a Halloween party vibe and try to get that blinking sign out of there faster. Also, if you decide to try putting this sort of game together again in the future maybe you could add some animation and sound effects whenever we roll over the characters.

All the moving, even full screened makes me dizzy. X.X other than that fantastic game!

its hard to see some stuff like nemesis from RE3
so 3 star

This is practically impossible considering the horrible pixelated pictures. Cant tell who most of them are even with the walkthrough/