Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"

This game made my freaking day. I love being able to spout my horror/Sci-Fi knowledge but rarely find opportunities to do so. This should be a weekly game show!

Wow, this is fun! Being able to name so many characters on there surprised me!

This game is so incredibly simple, but also incredibly awesome. I really love Horror movies and I'm glad that I know quite every single one from this poster. Sadly clicking doesn't work sometimes and then you're stuck although you know the right answer....

Also the medals do not work for me.

Therefore only 4 stars.

A slight bit too pixelated for my tastes... makes finding some things ridiculously hard.
Regardless it is entertaining for a short bit, and I enjoyed it.

A worthy effort but I can't seem to click on a couple of them. The gremlin on tomb one is covered up by the mute button.