Reviews for "Talk Head"

THIS IS A GREAT START TO SOMETHING. I thoroughly enjoyed this and think MORE CONTENT should be added. More faces of course, control over pupil, more characters, and just more of something. This is fun! Hope your FBI problem is a fluke. Ask a nearby police station if its legit.

Brillant Game! Although it could have some more mouth movements.
Here's my creation: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /603982/show/usergenerated/group/509/

this game is really awsome its ,really awsome to do some syncing of some favorite tracks

chek out mine http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /603982/group/509/play/339853
... it was really fun to sync :)

This is a fantastic tool to practice lip syching with! I already did one with "dot dot dot", and it was so easy! Thanks guys!

TomFulp responds:

Thank YOU!

WOW!! how did you make this game, it's AWESOME!!
I used the dot dot dot video and the green thing was talking, the voice matched perfectly
to the character. I was also good at the lip sync.That was really fun!!!
[thnx 4 the game]