Reviews for "Talk Head"

Interesting idea, and fun to tinker around with :D!

Well people love to make mouths move for voices. One thing I can suggest is to add some more phonemic movements of the mouth. For instance... the "ch" sound looks a lot like the "yoo" movement you have, but has the teeth closed. Most people don't realize that there is actually a lot of phonemic awareness that is necessary for good mouth movement of voice overs. Great job otherwise. I think it's great that you are testing this out by using the people of Newgrounds.

This is an extremely fun "gadget" to play with, or to practice lip syncing, Great Job.

TomFulp responds:


I agree with BubbaGurt, it's awesome you can use the audio from Newgrounds and use it here.

I don't want to bug about this topic, but it would be cool to lip-sync other audio; for instance, uploading it to the game, like "Vector Stunt" does. Or maybe uploading it from a site that has a stash of videos like YouTube.

I don't know, I'm giving some feedback. Please ignore this if you already were told of this stuff I just suggested.

Once you get the hang of it it's awesome