Reviews for "Talk Head"


Greeaaatt Ideaa :D
LOL I hope people Like This Sh!t as much as I do :3

Impossible to use if your going to do it and sit there for an assload of time to make it frame by frame.
You must have no life. Otherwise useless but good program tom fap, only if i dint have a life i wouldve rotted away playing with an experimental program. Now who would do that? *Trollface*
Anyway, I've already spent 2 hours on this, and now I'll think I just die. *Blows out brains*

THIS is soo helpful for new coming animators! I've been having trouble getting that realism in lip syncing and this helped me out a lot. Thank you for making this!!!

i gotta tell you, punkomatic has nothing on this!

when it comes to flash games that can absorb you in user created content, this takes the cake. i spent about 20 minutes syncing some random voice demo and i had a blast!

great job guys, 5's from me all day

TomFulp responds:

Thanks! I'll tell Evil-Dog that WE CRUSHED HIM.

As an animator who wastes a lot of time doing stupid shit that has nothing to do with my profession, I FUCKING LOVE THIS. I wish there were more "leisurely" game-type toys for people like me... I get to stretch my lipsync muscles for 20 minutes and get back to what I was doing. Seriously keeps me thinking this way (and I LOVE the text edit system). REALLY fun and I get to make something entertaining and fun without having to put hours of work into making all the assets. I LOVE IT guys!