Reviews for "Hop Bob"

Pretty bad.

There's actually not much to say about this one. It's very dull and there's almost no fun to be had in this game. It has that "my first game" feel about it and it never wears off.
To conclude, at least try to get a level editor out since it seems you weren't using your imagination that much with this one. 3.

I think something is messed up, I can only see a portion of the screen. i even tried it in the pop up and it still doesn't look right.

Not very fun. The "tutorial" feel of the game just went on for way too long. Also, your sound effects have an ever-so-slight delay that ends up being very off-putting.

Ya blew it.

All right, now add a level editor so people can create and share levels, and then you'll REALLY have something.