Reviews for "Hop Bob"

Now, here's the thing. I really don't have that much to complain about, because it pretty much is a nicely put together game. What I didn't like was how it just seemed to get too redundant. It took too long to get any medals at all. I know that's kind of a shallow thing to say, but it's how I felt. The sound effects were pretty good, though. It's one of those things where it gets tiring as it goes on.

I got used to most of the sound effects. I didn't know that you lost the level when the timer ran out. I thought that was just for extra points. You probably shouldn't have made every monster look the same. It's still a harmless game.

I really liked the game, finished and I but I didn't kill the frogbeast, so I played again, and... well, you probably know what happened as the artist, I liked the replay value, I love the 8-bit look,

started quite simple, but got good difficulty towards the end, perfectly balanced if you ask me, and good building of the difficulty, sometimes when a game starts out difficult, I tend to quit because it's no fun if it's already a pain in the ass to beat the first levels,

I like how the game requires you to think before you do, which makes it perfect for the platformer-puzzle-category,

the music is good, though a bit repetitive, which may annoy some people, lucky for you, I'm not :P

I think it would be even better if you added a leaderboard to your game, then you've got a reason to get a high score, now the only purpose of the score would be to improve yourself, but since you have no clue what others scored, you don't know if your score is good or bad

also perhaps it'd be nice if you lose points for dying/running out of time, e.g. you get a 100 score bonus on each level, -10 for every time you die/run out of time on the level

you might want to include more types of enemies, I think that'd make the game even more exciting

overall a good game, 3.5/5 (7/10) stars and a 4/5 for the submission rating

That was a short and simpel yet entettainign platformer great :P

Didn't figure out how to hill the Frog but still good game :D

Good work on making this.This game has the retro arcade-like feel wit its simple-looking animation and the gameplay seems like a piece of cake at the first few levels but the last six or seven levels are not so as the player really needs to be alert and think a little before making their next moves(Hint:Look for the path that not only gets the character in but also out and try to collect all the coins and kill all enemies before going for the last platform with no way out).The one minute timer can be a little problem but how will be the game become difficult without it??Anyway,thanks for making this game,it really brings back good old memories of the long gone era of arcade games.