Reviews for "Hop Bob"

The controls work well and the graphics and sounds are decent enough - however by level 14 I'm totally bored with it. I dunno what to suggest but it really needs to be jazzed up somehow. Not a bad game but nothing new or interesting.

Really easy and kinda boring.

If you want, there could be a way to skip the scoring segment at the end of each level by a keyboard press.
Also, the time between shots you can fire is really long. I think you have it to where the bullet has to have hit something before you can fire another one. Please change that!
It looks very polished -not Polish- so it's got amazing potential!

I don't really know what to say about it. It could be good game if you will put some more effort in. I mean it's really cool idea to upgrade the character after beating the game, that works every time, so I hope something more after beating game third time like new hiden levels, new bosses, new abilities and so on. Game wasn't bad in fact- keep up the good work MY SON!!

If you are having trouble seeing the entire game trying loading in IE. It worked for me when chrome didnt. Other then that its just an average game, most of the time the hardest part was beating the clock. Not all that challenging