Reviews for "Hop Bob"

Pretty good game, but when a level is designed so that I need to go from side to side collecting coins when I could purely be doing the puzzles, it gets a bit tiring. Making the character cover as much area in the level as possible isn't as fun as having the player only collect coins which are in the general area of the puzzle. Still, good short game

Da Ending really got me!

it is a nice short game but....it got stale really quick and the music made in time made me want to kill this game

I liked the game... right up until I got stuck on a level and pressed r to restart. I mean, TRIED to press r to restart. Instead my finger hit 1 cm to the left, landing on e, which killed my entire game without so much as an "are you sure?" box.

I really liked the part where you had to collect coins and kill monsters.