Reviews for "Second Wind"

If you like roguelikes and have a sense of humor, this is a great light game for you.

I love the "obvious mimics" and the "God damn bats". Total Nethack nostalgia. This game has cut into my daily time to play Nethack. I'm not complaining.

Im finished this game 1 time but im not logged in :( no achievements :(


DiD NoT UnderStanD.... =/-

i think this a great game and i love the jokes in this for example "A GOD DAM FRIGGEN BAT APPEARED" you should make more second wind games with even funnier jokes and even more classes. i love how many classes there are in this game because most games make you choose from 3 classes but this 20 classes whitch is awesome. please make a second wind 2 cause i love this game and almost have every acheivment