Reviews for "Second Wind"

squidly . . . nikethesword and i guess hairygames. well everyone who created or helped create this game did and outstanding job. the review just doesent lie. everything accept the hate on the bat was friggin great. congrats to be the first ever game ive rated a 5/5

Is there any chance to turn this into an iOS app? Simple controls and lots of replayability (I'd leave the game running on the boss fight music XD)

Love the game, played it a lot and will likely play it for a lot longer.

squidly responds:

Short Answer: No. This game was coded in AS2 which means the closest you could get to a mobile app died when Adobe and Android both stopped supporting Flash Player.

AS3 games can be converted into Air Apps, which are much more portable.

I think my last game, project flup, was the last game I code with AS2. My current project is in AS3 :D

Glad to hear you liked the game!

those damn cubes! oh well its a awesome game but i wish if there were more than priests and upgraders

Not much to say. Went in expecting veeeeeery little, and now I am a drunken Second Wind addicted maniac. Second Wind is my heroin.

So, I heard you like dungeons and dragons? or is it just a concidence that the damage counters are referring to D6/d8's :P