Reviews for "Second Wind"


I love the game! Pretty simple while still being fun to try to get the endings and complete everything. So far I've gotten Average and Pretty Bad endings. I don't know if it's a glitch or what but even after my 'second wind' I can continue playing on the same character from where I left off. So that. Overall great game though!

@Enoallday, I encountered the same prob with esper, if you just wait until after the purple clears away after hitting your sense\focus buttons, they die. worked for me anyway! (: btw love this game; its gotten me through plenty of sleepless nights lol

squidly responds:

Yea... I don't have v. 87 anymore, so I can't really change things anymore. Sorry bout' that, but Patience is a Virtue, right folks?

Reminds me a little of ROTMG! Very awesome! ^_^ Only thing is, When mobs reach 0 health, they don't die :/ 4.5 Stars from me~

Man. I'm playing as an Esper and there are multiple enemies in the dungeon that refuse to die when their HP reaches 0. Other than the unbeatable enemies, it's pretty fun.