Reviews for "Second Wind"

So many glitches, not buying glitches, angry mob won't die when reaching 0, second wind not working.

This is a game that makes Newgrounds a site to visit, definitely 4 stars!

Awsome game, got killed alot on the first of second enemy. but also was able to finish it. like a good roguelike game should be :)

(btw superhobo412, a d4 or d8 are dices with 4 or 8 numbers. the d6 is most commen tho. try searching google with d&d d4 and then images, you will find them :) )

What the heck is d4, d8, or the like? i cant find it on the wiki.

If you like roguelikes and have a sense of humor, this is a great light game for you.

I love the "obvious mimics" and the "God damn bats". Total Nethack nostalgia. This game has cut into my daily time to play Nethack. I'm not complaining.