Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 9 - Trailer"

Holy crap. Dude, your animation skills have gotten INSANELY better since Sonic RPG eps 1-4. I was a little disappointed when there weren't any voices in this trailer, but it didn't bring down the killer scenes implanted in ths trailer.

2013 tho, huh? Heh. I've waited 4 years for Sonic RPG. I suppose waiting another 6 months won't do me TOO much harm. Just remember, Sonic X Cosmic Chase took a good few years to come out. The animation here seems very similar to that, so try not to make it seem like you're copying the style from that movie or anythin (Not sayin you are, just a piece of advice).

Either way, kudos on the trailer and I'm hopin to see the full thing March 2013!

MidNightMaren responds:

Yes... I totally know what you mean about Sonic CC. The fact is that I was astonished at the draws of it at the time it came out! It looks similar yes, but it's because its very Sonic X oriented. But the fact that it has it's original characters and unique storyline, it won't seem similar by the time the full movie comes out... I hope...

And, much thanks for the review! It's always nice an opinion coming from you ;)


MidNightMaren responds:


I KNEW IT! He had the emeralds all along! I can not wait for ths...I know a big fan of the change mainly because, you and these series got me to where I am in sprites/flash. And the waiting for this, it'll be kinda sad but sure this'll be the best episode yet.

MidNightMaren responds:

Thanks man!
Yes, it's quite a wait, but you all have already waited way longer than this ;)


MidNightMaren responds:

Yeah :D

Looks better than what I expected honestly. For your first animation of this kind, this is quite good.
Your drawing/animation style remminds me alot of Sonic X and Sonic: CC (which is not a bad thing at all)
The animation looks fluid but some characters expressions (like Nights) or blast effects could be slightly better.
But still, overall, I have to say you did a good job.
I can't wait for the finished product! I hope you don't miss the date :P

MidNightMaren responds:

Yes, we tried to make the best of 2 of the greatest Sonic animations on NG.
The drawing process of Sonic Cosmic Chase, and the story telling of Nazo Unleashed :3

About the effects, in the final movie we will try to add effects from other programs, like After Effects and Photoshop ;)