Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 9 - Trailer"


MidNightMaren responds:

Of course! Plot demands it! :D

MidNightMaren... Long time no see, buddy.
Well, I am too one of your fans, and you should know, I am really exciting with all this!!!
You know?
Since I was just seeing everyone posting "Please, Make Ep 9!", I thought you would not make it.
"Another legend not complete", I said.
Yes, because your animation is a legend, together with a whole bunch of others, some that aren't even complete.
My friend, I cannot describe my happiness toward this.
I already loved this series, and if in sprites its cool, Imagine in flash(or something else)!
I have knew this since I was eight or nine years old, like a lot of time.
And after all this years, you are back!
I am sure this will be one of the most epic ever!
Go ahead! Do it!
I'm waiting!
I can't wait!

MidNightMaren responds:

I'm truly happy for all the enthusiasm, really!
Thanks a lot

Oh wow, it has been a long time since I last played Sonic RPG, and a little dissapointed that it was never completed. But here's the answer after years! It looks really good so far, very nice drawings, the animation could use a little work, but who am I to judge? Hope to see it at March, and by this trailer I expect not to be disappointing. 5/5

MidNightMaren responds:

I expect not to disappoint you all as well! I'm really working hard on this, believe me!

I've been waiting a long time for this, and now that I see it, I know it will be worth the wait, amazing job man

MidNightMaren responds:

Much thanks!

Man After 4-years I really thought you gave up thinking that you made Sonic RPG but i just today player sonic RPG Eps 5 and I checked if there was maybe something new about Sonic RPG eps 9 and now i'm really surprised a great trailer man keep up the good work. One more thing will this be the ending of Sonic RPG ? :D

MidNightMaren responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate that!
The end of the storyline yes, the end of Sonic RPG, who knows xD