Reviews for "Dooumb"

The animation is great. It looks alot like you used rotoscoping. As others said the end letters were a little iffy though. Regardless I'm interested in you're other work :).

I logged in just to write this review. I love the animation style. As polerus said a few posts down, the end keyboard smash was drawn too slowly though. Looks weird. But besides that, I just love the style. I wouldn't have liked it as much if it was that clean smooth brackenwood looking stuff. Mildly funny but extremely fun to watch with a straightforward point.

Wow. Tryly Wow. That was an ever f*cking slider thing in my whole world history. Sorry i'am drunk so right now...

Great video it would be an even better xbox 360 game

Wow, rambojoe is pretty good at getting a surprisingly original look when he rotoscopes. Great job.

Saminat responds:

He certainly is magnificent!