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Reviews for "Dooumb"

That was awesome, loved the animation, and the hilarity when the guy was just destroyed. CHEAP SONOFABI***

ever played brutal doom mod? well it´s like this but on a game
your animation was great(kudos for the characters´ movements, they seemed so "alive" it contributed to the humour), and voices were great too (but I didn´t like the wobbly lines, suppose they´re there because you, like me, can´t draw a straight line to save your life, and don´t give you a perfect to force you to make doomb 2:jerks on earth)

by the way, the cyberdemon DID cheat!they have triple rocket launchers, not BFGs!

Saminat responds:

Heheh, yeah, I hear that one a lot, the thing with the rockets. Glad you like it though!

God I love this so much, the animation was fine by me. Infact, I'd love to see more rotoscoped stuff.

Voice acting was pretty damn decent, and funny too.

Great plot and change of the character's attitudes at the end, that was just hilarious.

All in all, this piece was excellent, loved it. Lookin' forward to more of your work.

My mind is blown. O_O
Both the animation and the voice acting are absolutely epic. You rock.

Saminat responds:

Mind blown? Mission accomplished!

Great animation and tribute to doom, this was really funny, nice work.