Reviews for "Dooumb"

Ha this is funny

A great animation dipicting how the doom guy is basicly a one man army, with a bunch of humor thrown in. While the animation is mostly fluid, there's that bit at the end where the gamer "smashes" his keyboard on the desk, which looks far too slow to produce any amount of damaging inertia. Other than that, this was an amusing submission.

Wow, that's something we don't see everyday!, fullly animated action and proportionate characters!

That was some sexy ass animation. Did you record yourself making the movements before drawing over them? I've thought about doing that, seems pretty fun. But anyway this was really good man the animation was very fluid and the humor was present. Doom is a great game and you did a good job at paying it tribute. RIP AND TEAR

*Dies laughing* This was GREAT!
I have to admit, at first I clicked on it and read all the info thinking "yeah sure, I played doom, but Quake was my bread and butter."
This submission is CLASSIC! The animation is very fluid and has a hint of "a scanner darkly", intentional or not it was still there. The voice acting was damn near flawless, and the comedic value was way above par. I think we have all come across each situation in this animation in any game, I honestly think you should do a Quake parody if you haven't already!