Reviews for "Dooumb"

Your animation is choppy but you capture the human actions so well! You really should pat your self on the back for doing it so effortlessly! The faces obviously have something to be desired...but honestly...your ability to have smooth motion is uncanny! great stuff!!

This reminds me of Heavu Metal and Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings at the same time. Freaky.

Animation: flawless you really captured the body in motion well so that kicks ass
Sound: Great.
Length: not to long and not to short just right
Lulz: yeah I got a good laugh out of it at the end well done

I hope you do more great work in the future.

half way through and paused it because it wasn't loading faster enough. ANNOYING!

But this is so well made and very sexy. If only doom was actually as good to look at as this it would have been for the win.

Great job aye :)

traced but good