Reviews for "Expendables 2: TD"

Great Game...LIKE IT!!!

the game is okay and all but don´t really see de conection with the movies...except for the pictures and all...

Decent but overall, meh.

fun game but gets boring after a while

It's ok... Could have been a lot better. I've played tower defense games for a long time and this one really offered nothing new. in fact, I can name probably 6 games right now that have almost exactly the same components if I really put my mind to it.

I loved the movie however this game definitely doesn't do it justice. There is nothing that really has any relation to the movie so there were no points rewarded there.

One thing I hated most specifically about this game is the fact that turrets can only be placed on specific sites. If you could place them anywhere it would make the game much more strategic in apposed to get the strongest towers in the best places and upgrade them.

Also, the fact that you could move the hero units was cool... but it really didn't serve a purpose. You really could place them in cover near the middle of the map and never worry about them because the game was so easy that nothing made it to the end... or maybe I'm just that good? I'm pretty good at tower defense games but the best ones are still WAY hard and require a lot more strategy... nice try. 2.5/5 ------------ Newgrounds hasn't had a good NEW td game in a long time. Those of you who know what I'm talking about and haven't already moved on to armorgames.com for their defense/strategy games should do it... it's definitely worth it.