Reviews for "Expendables 2: TD"

I love the music. The woman in the corner was entertaining to watch, especially during the special powers. At first I thought it would be mere pandering to the movie but it turned out to be a fairly amusing way to spend a couple hours. I wish The Expendables had more custom options, as has been said before, but that's a minor flaw. Solid game overall

Good game.

You could add some missions where you must destroy the enemy base or escort some vip. Would add a lot to the game as it is very short now.

Great game good grapfics needs more levels also too easy to sell towers misclicked several times over all a great game!

Awesome other than the obscene amount of ads for a movie that sucked old dusty donkey balls.

That b1tch in the bottom right of the playing screen couldn't salute to save her life.