Reviews for "Expendables 2: TD"

Really fantastic game all around. There should be a quality settings though for slower computers. I would have enjoyed it so much more.

It's a nice little game.

Very fun game, i got up to Wave 18 on Endless Mode until i got bored watching the invasion of enemies come, again and again.I also found my heroes(Expendables)dying too often and you should make it that they are at least a little stronger or have more Hp.Overall great game..

soapcreative responds:

Thanks, we'll have a think on how to make endless a little more interesting in later waves

Great Game.
There are just a few things I miss.
One The endless mode the enemies are growing in strength and eventually in numbers.
You can increase in upgrade but around level 26 the upgrades you got are surpassed by the number off enemies that are coming leading an almost inevitable defeat in level 30 all the time...

hey how to crate a game