Reviews for "Expendables 2: TD"

To Gimmicky, I think there could be much better games than this, the movie was great though.

these guys should stick to making movies movies=5 starts games=2 stars

soapcreative responds:

why just 2 stars? seems a little harsh

Massivley linear and boring. Where's the strategy when everything is already laid out for you. Boring.

soapcreative responds:

Choice of towers plus the movement of your expendables is where the strategy comes in

Expandables should be able to directly aim specific enemies. I sadly can only command their movement. Also not being able to place the towers yourself takes away a lot of strategic value.
Also please more intel on your towers, like actual dmg etc.
Only 1,5 stars because of the rating E (otherwise I'd give 2,5). This should be T or M, rather M because of the oh so modern and really blatant sex-sells attitude.
Nothing too new or exciting but it's O.K, very easy though.

soapcreative responds:

We'll update the ratings when on desktop (can't change via mobile) the game was inspired by the 80s where that oh so attitude was the norm.

To your other points we felt that if we had aiming on the expendables it would have over complicated it.

We'll also look into how we can put stats on the towers. Valid point

tower games get boring way too quickly, you have a lot of views, which is good, but that only means they played the game, you also have a lot of good reviews, but to be completely honest with you, most of the people reviewing probably played a couple rounds of it and eventually got bored with it, so just wait and see if some of those people come back and review again, and i'll think about putting your game on Xgen Studios

soapcreative responds:

Thanks for the feedback DMasterx, lots of views, good reviews all the hallmarks of a crap game hey? hehe

TD games only get boring if you don't want the challenge of beating it. You could say the same about almost every game. The people asking for more levels (we have 6) obviously wanted more from the game and so I imagine an update with more levels, new enemies etc (easy to do) would appease them.

We'll keep you posted on repeat reviews, although is that a regular thing on newgrounds? Ive never reviewed something twice?