Reviews for "Perspective"

A very nice game, loved the emotion of it and the music was fantastic But sadly it lagged ALOT. good game though.

I wasn't going to expect anything out of this, but you don't know how surprised you made me. It's a charming but also a very calm game that you can play at any given time. I really enjoyed playing through it and I really enjoyed the story; it's a sweet story. I hope for the near future that more of these type of games will come. My 5 stars belong to you.

This is an interesting game. Playing as the dog was fun, but the last two boards were very challenging. I finally figured them out and got to the ending. The story was okay, but I do not see why people are crying about it. The medals work, and I earned them all. Will there be a sequel?

That was awesome. The art and animations for the dog were amazing. I felt a sense of attachment and the first couple times the dog died because I was bad at making jumps I felt bad for him. The game is a bit short, but the brevity will ensure that more people get to see the ending, which is well worth it in my book. I am now going to go play with my dog and try not to think about how depressing this game was.

I'm giving 3 stars because it's a good game. I liked it, however, the controls are just awful. On the level where you have to freeze the birds to get rid of the coins with the snakes moving back and forth it's damn near impossible because the dog jumps so awkwardly. Refine the controls and then this'll get a 5 out of me.