Reviews for "Perspective"

The way the gameplay keeps tying in with the story reminds me of The Company of Myself and Fixation.

Aww, very sweet! Unlike most of the artsy games that get on the front page this fully deserves its spot!

Awesome graphics (especially the little touch of the dog howling whilst idle) that made the game and its protagonist rather endearing. It was very sad when the dog died, and frustrating that some of the coins were apparently impossible... The last level was nearly impossible, some hint it was the last level would have been nice since I was close to giving up!

The epilogue was rather sad but nice at at the same time.

Great game!

Good gameplay but it's one of these arty/puzzle games that we see way to often in games nowadays. There's a puzzle element and a sad story is gradually revealed. It's a little too overdone. I did enjoy the gameplay and it was quite challenging.

I enjoyed the calming music and great artwork. This is really something special. It is one of the rare masterpieces in Newgrounds. If only this was on the Vectrex...

A very nice game, loved the emotion of it and the music was fantastic But sadly it lagged ALOT. good game though.