Reviews for "Perspective"

Difficult, but once you get your mind wrapped around the concept, it's really fun, and surprisingly simple to get a hang of, but ludicrously hard to master. How on earth does the old woman do it?

Gameplay was pretty fun, puzzles were great to work out :D just the controls were abit too slippy, that's all :)
would be great if there are more level though

Bravo! This is an excellent game!
You used Perspective as a concept and made a beautiful little game out of it.
The story was wonderful and the music went together with it so well, the combination almost brought tears to my eyes.
I liked it that the instructions were addressed to the dog instead of the player.
The puzzles were of standard quality, found by the dozens in ordinary games but in this theme, they were a treat.
Congratulations, Keep making more games and never skimp on the story and theme.
Cheers !

A good game, that really makes you think about how to best proceed.