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Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury"

This Game is awesome and challenging
a way to pass the time thats actualy addicting
BTW to beat wall of face in under 10 sec (for me at least)
1.Start the level
2.reset and quickly select Jam
3.Do jam's boost and switch to fury and before you get off screen switch back to jam
4.wall jump to saftey
5.Do jam's boost and switch to fury again
this is hard to pull off but if done correctly fury will land on or close to the mango and you will beat the stage in around 8 seconds

Maaaann I like what you did in Super Smash Flash 2 !!!! Cleod-9 you are really Awesome :D !!!

playng it safe is setting a block and break it whole time

LOL favorite is Jam

I like the idea of it a lot, but I gotta be honest this game is very frustrating for the wrong reasons. The music is a tad overbearing at times, maybe in the future include a few more tracks? Just my suggestion. But what I found to be most annoying was the control, mainly the blue character, its was to slippery and I was bouncing all around trying to land on one block, he sticks to every block for like 2 seconds and if your accuracy isn't right he jumps off and just frustrates you more. The yellow and red character I really didn't have a problem with and I can understand the balance you were trying to go for where as one character is balanced like with speed and jumping your average side scrolling type character while the red character was this macho strongman who has incredible strength but is very limited in terms of speed and jumping. That was fairly decent, but the blue character moves way to fast, is was to sensitive and that hammer he has just to do a special jump is frustrating as well. The puzzles were nice, I enjoyed them as well.
But my main complaint is the blue character who is just way faster than he needs to be.
Also, I don't know if this is just me or some select group of people but I cannot stand "WASD" controls, so any chance I get I swap to the "Arrow Keys" but a lot of times I am stuck to using the "WASD" keys because the programmers do not put an option to change the controls, so thank you for putting that feature in, really subtracted from the overall frustration. The animation and art was very good as well, the vivid colors were great little pieces of eye candy and the overall gameplay was pretty decent just the quirkiness of the blue character annoyed me. Pretty solid game otherwise, so yeah nice work man.
But all and all I gave it a 4/5 rating, and a four out of five stars. Maybe its just me and the problem with the character and I don't mind a little challenge or difficulty at all, it was just to quirky and slippery for me, but the game overall was great, definitely worth a play through.