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Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury"

It's a good game, I like how you can change and switch to Yeah, Jam, and even Fury all the time! My favorite part of this game is the medals! There's soo many! I've got all of them! It's very fun! And I like the Steam version of it too! It's way cool! I Recommended this game for the rest of my life!

Very fun game

A game with some nice ideas here and it does keep you interested in whats in store thru-out the game, and you bring some interesting value to it. Now Ilike this game for a number of things but for one this has lots of medals to try for and thats what gets the fun started, You really have a fun game here its fast paced and the graphics are smooth. Now I must say that was an interesting game, and gives off a vibe, keeps me wanting more and more, but sadly this is comming to an end. So while this game is comming to an end here I do want to say that you have presented something fun and wish there was more to it, anyways decent game.

To be honest I am not sure you need help on improving this game it was by far supurb with exciting fun. maybe adding some small things here and there with some random results.


Heavily underrated, and I hope to see more!

Funny and cool
Simple words to tell about this :)

Normally I am one who would give a critical form of rating, but to be honest, this game controls smoothly and runs like a dream. Although I don't have any medals to prove it, I've played this game to the end and I absolutely enjoyed it. The concept of switching between 3 different characters with unique abilities to get to an objective isn't an easy one to pass off as, more than likely, one character normally would be much more useful than the others. You guys managed to make it so it would be impossible to complete most levels without, at least, utilizing more than one character. Now, I'm pretty sure most complaints root from the fact that none of the characters seem to know how to shut up, but you have an option of turning it off so I don't know what else could be so bad besides people's personal preference of the genre (I understand the game's concept isn't for everyone). Other than that, this is a pretty solid game that has just the right amount of difficulty and variety to keep it from getting stale or boring.